Day 9 : Maienzug – The Single Woman’s Diary

It was hard to wake up. Antibiotics are no joke. But worse than antibiotics is when you forget that today is the first Friday of July! It’s Maienzug.

What is Maienzug? It’s a traditional children and youth festival in Aarau. Held on the first Friday of July and represents the end of a school year. The highlight is the parade of school children through the city, which has transcended from a 400-year-old custom into a large folk festival starting on Thursday, the evening before the Maienzug-Vorabend (May procession).

I totally forgot to wear white today. As that is the traditional colour of Maienzug. So I wore blue. But then went to Chicorée and got myself a 10-franc shirt just so I don’t stick out like a sore thumb!

As I posted my video of self disappointment…

Joy wrote: Hahah just like when I didn’t want to go and wore all black to piss my mom off (laughing emoji) but you have to go to work so nobody will be mad.

I feel her. I’d do the same with my mom… hell! I’ve done way worse. But now I’m in my mid 30s and I knew I’d be mad at me if I didn’t do it proper. Finally, I’m the blue-jeans-white-shirt with blue blazer, and white mask, paired with white tennis shoes – kinda girl now. I’m properly Maienzug.

Might be working in Zurich, studying in Zurich, but I am celebrating Aarau.

Btw, who’s going to Nelson Pub Zurich tonight for the match against Spain?

Update: *fuck you Spain!*

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