Mommy Diaries: #Totensalamander #ElizabethII

“Höre mich, tote Schwester, ich trinke dir das letzte Glas.” There’s a trending post: “Imagine if the world showed this much care and empathy for the communities that Queen Elizabeth II and the monarchy colonised and ravaged.” On CNBC news, an article talks of how Queen Elizabeth’s death revives criticism of Britain’s legacy of colonialism: […]

Tiny tale of a #TigerCub

“Did you call for rain?” A woman in a frilly white saree and opal jewellery asked, stepping closer to the tiger cub. Stitched named tag on her silver blouse read ‘Indre’. Pouting little tiger cub let out a high-pitched cry and chuffed, as he sat on the curb and nodded, carefully curled within limited shade […]

Durga Festival: The Love Diary

Of late my writing has been abysmal. It isn’t lack of inspiration cause if I could write it all, an avalanche of words would pour out. So much to express! Yet, secrecy is a good reason to keep it to self. Hence I shall talk about Durga Festival instead. Which I personally like to call […]

Throwbacks: The Love Diary

Saw a picture of me last year, this time, on the day. I smiled. Remembering that I was stressed, worried, questioning myself. Am I studying the right thing? Am I seeing this hypothesis clearly? What will my research bring to academic sector of design? Is this even worth it? What am I doing with life? […]

Day 61: Hilsa, Apfelstrudel, Fondue – The Single Woman’s Diary

I am always told intercultural relationships are hard. And I keep saying – it’s a matter of attitude. In sociology we see the term cultural similarities pop up all the time. Social anthropology students are usually aware about cultural comparisons, to note down common characteristics in-order-to analyse that what is seen as similarity and/or differences […]

Day 17: No preoccupation of my heart – The Single Woman’s Diary

So it’s always nice to have friends who rush you so much that you end up in the trainstation 20 mins before the train! Damn! I forgot my deo! Ah well. Since I’m single – no one has to deal with that smell then. I’m without makeup, and hungry!!!!!! A litre of fresh Orange juice […]

Day 15: The Single Woman’s Diary

I never thought I’d say this… but a week of no makeup is actually doing good to my skin! And hanging out with people I adore does it even better. No, seriously though, usually I get breakouts right before my periods but this time I just had a coldsore and one huge zit a week […]

Day 9 : Maienzug – The Single Woman’s Diary

It was hard to wake up. Antibiotics are no joke. But worse than antibiotics is when you forget that today is the first Friday of July! It’s Maienzug. What is Maienzug? It’s a traditional children and youth festival in Aarau. Held on the first Friday of July and represents the end of a school year. […]


First ray of sunshine tearing through clouds in the sky; golden morning reflects on young green leaves of ash tree outside. I sit on the balcony, sipping my coffee, melancholic and alone. Fresh breeze carrying smell of mowed green grass, nature is alive, vast, if you listen carefully you can hear it’s voice, and the […]