Mommy Diaries: Ascetic

Many are aware that I work, study and am a mom. My studies are in a field that was considered for long to be a field of Western-gaze: Ethnography. The path to the parliament for scantily clad sadhus was unfortunately opened by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. As I read through Gandhi’s autobiography and see the current […]

Mommy Diaries : Qui vivra verra (time will tell).

Share a story about someone who had a positive impact on your life. Those who follow my blog know about my struggles with Attention Deficit Disorder and Dyslexia. You are also perhaps aware of how some people laugh at those with ADD and Dyslexia, often calling them lazy, morons, liars/untrustworthy, and even crazy. Due to […]

Mommy Diaries: Two years since….

I believe that one must not forget any pain that they have faced, inflicted by those they trusted and loved, opened up to – but I also believe that one must have the strength and courage to not hold a grudge. Catholic morals say forgive but some people are beyond being forgiven – that’s when […]

When you are not typical

How dare you be different? You clearly don’t speak our language. You clearly look brown. Yet you strut around the place like you own this town? Where does this entitlement come from? This lack of bowing down? Look at the rest, rubber necking with their nods that look like no when they say yes – […]


Walk through the Wald bringing me closer to kaleidoscope of hues, life, colour… A World full of life I see through misty eyes as miasma clears. Then again, through the looking glass I look, as I walk through the World that brings me closer to kaleidoscope of hues, life, colour… A Wald full of life.


Here’s a wisdom my grandmother shared: silence is louder than words. When your happiness is not tolerated, your kindness taken for granted, your voice not appreciated – withdraw. Value your own sanity and stop trying, where your tries are seen as effortless nuisance – withdraw; as peace is not made with words. Thus sit back, […]

Mommy Diaries: Diarrhœa

I haven’t been writing on Mommy Diaries for a while now. Perhaps because there are many blogs supporting women through postpartum, I didn’t see the need to write anything that has not already been dealt with before. Hence after a lot of deliberation I am finally writing this. Diarrhea. I know, I know, Bengali’s are […]

Louche Magic

Louche opal white, as the water kept trickling gently at the speed of cold fountain in a green-fairy valley; clear sprit changed to opaque. And as the cloud swirled, swirled with it every perception of reality. A poets drink they say, a mad-man’s bane. In it all society forgot the witches. Century ago she could […]


I am just a baffled person,overwhelmed by general idiocy,childishness of some “adults” –with heads full of air I wonderhow do they survive? Oh!Definitely disgusted by hypocrisy,blind self serving practicesthat put sense of responsibilityin the backseat while pride drivesdrunk in haughtiness…brainfried by general lack of logic.