Last Day 2021: The Love Diary

As the sun rises on the last day of 2021, and I am seated in the train on my way to work – I feel gratitude. This year was a roller coaster ride. From narcissistic toxic boyfriend and his bestfriend situation to a heartbreaking breakup (mind you, just because you realised that someone is narcissistic […]

Reflecting: The Love Diary

Some of you have been asking me, why am I not writing as much as before? Am I not motivated to write anymore? Well, no. That is not the case. Personally, I’m penning down bunch of thoughts. Bunch of emotions. But not all of which can be shared. So they sit as drafts on my […]

Metanoeite! The Love Diary

*Best wishes, Metanoeite! Bandyopadhyay v/o Phānomen* – When we write an email within our AV Orion community “Metanoeite!” is our standard sign off. When you search the word, two things come up (apart from Orion Instagram): 1. “Greek word metanoeo to refer to repentance. Metanoeo means a change of mind, thought, or thinking so powerful […]

Leadership: The Love Diary

Here’s a thought (for the week) that I strongly go by. I believe one should be a reflection of what they’d like to receive. I prize love, honesty and loyalty above all else – and hence I give to others what I want to receive. If you want to be taken seriously, learn to take […]

Craft & Pet Cow: The Love Diary

Some people wonder what I do in life apart from work as a Graphic Designer and study Anthropology. Often I encounter those who think my life is limited or rather enslaved by a routine – work, study, socialise, eat, sleep, work, study, socialise… a routine. No. My life is not limited to that. That’s why […]

Box full of bags: The Love Diary

“I forgive those who hurt me in the past and peacefully detach from them.” That has been one of my major affirmations for a while now. It allowed me to remain objective while facing random acts of symbolic violence from those I believed to be trust worthy. It’s an affirmation that helps one move past […]

S(h)ort-of-Thought: The Love Diary

“There’s a bit of every artist in their work”, if you (the artist) have authentic ideas then you create something that initiates real responses closely associated with that of the artist’s own. If and when the artist creates something to people please, responses are equally half hearted. I forgot about that for a while. I […]

Commute: The Love Diary

Early morning commuting can be very relaxing if you have the right connections. Being a student at two Universities and working at the same time, means I chose to commute everyday – like every other Swiss. Before starting a semester at Uni, students have to decide whether or not they want to live around the […]

Complaints: The Love Diary

So I had an official complaint from my boyfriend about my blog. “It’s been 4 days, where’s the new stuff? You’re not writing regularly!” I think at that moment my heart melted and I wanted to run down to Fribourg and hug him! If only all the complaints about my blog were in that direction […]