Walk through the Wald bringing me closer to kaleidoscope of hues, life, colour… A World full of life I see through misty eyes as miasma clears. Then again, through the looking glass I look, as I walk through the World that brings me closer to kaleidoscope of hues, life, colour… A Wald full of life.

Day 31: Swiss Medical Practices

One thing that annoys me immensely in Switzerland is that there is no facility for working mothers during pregnancy. Every other day there’s a doctors appointment that I’m trying to fit into a better schedule – panicked I receive appointments that I didn’t sign up for! Impossible to almost change even when I tell them […]

Day 9 : Maienzug – The Single Woman’s Diary

It was hard to wake up. Antibiotics are no joke. But worse than antibiotics is when you forget that today is the first Friday of July! It’s Maienzug. What is Maienzug? It’s a traditional children and youth festival in Aarau. Held on the first Friday of July and represents the end of a school year. […]