Day 8: Extensions and Red Flags – The Single Woman’s Diary

It felt odd, as it was the first time I asked for an extension from any professor at Uni. Of late, I realised, how overwhelmed I have been. It was never juggling work and studies, it was never balancing 100% design job and 100% anthropology masters that got me overwhelmed; rather the “other” thing from my previous diary that left me paddling through gigantic waves of emotional distress!

I was reading about the word “red flag” today, and how we tend to forgive the ones we love when they wave their red flags high above their heads. We ignore them as we also see the goodness in those men/women we love and want their goodness to be highlighted instead of their red flags.

What is this red flag, you might ask? It’s a warning sign. In a relationship red flags are intuitive indicators that something needs to be questioned. For example, if you are in a relationship with someone, a red flag consists of: non-resolution of past relationships from your partner, feeling insecure in the relationship, controlling behaviour of divide and rule (often through displacement aka changing habitats), friends of the partner tries to intervene constantly in the relationship with half informed opinions, partner has a tendency to avoid emotion, inconsistency and insecure behaviour, using “just joking” or “I don’t see it that way” after putting someone down, – these are all red flags, aka cues to run away!

So the emotional stress from May, and the lovely transmission of a stomach bacteria that has left me taking 4000mg of antibiotics daily (it’s so much that I can actually take m away from the mg); it doesn’t matter that I am off alcohol, but this amount of antibiotics has a strain on my body that leaves me exhausted.

And this continuous cold-rain with autumn‘s fury in mid summer – is not helping either. Plus earthquake in the alps that we felt till Zürich! Sigh, today I woke up complaining I guess… World is truly shaken and tired. Cause it annoys me to take an extension for an essay at Uni. It’s just annoying me. A huge red flag waving above my productivity.

Yet that’s how it is. It’s hard to slow down when you are trying to do a million things, thus it is truly necessary to sniff roses on your way to work.

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