Day 78: Battles and Duties – The Single Woman’s Diary

Had a call with Ro on Wednesday. She was genuinely mad at me for not calling her back after 17’s… After 5 mins of yelling at each-other we both calmed down and I updated her with everything I’ve gone through since March. Including the parts I don’t write about on my blog – work, inter-personal […]

Day 77: The Single Woman’s Diary

Past two weeks have been hectic and chaotic. Work, studies, work – and of course my new favourite „hobby“: a-Bf-n-Bf. The stress eating issues are back, I eat less but calorie intake is far more. Makes me bloated! I think I have reached a new level sweet-pillow-talks to the point Dan-the-man rolls his eyes and […]

I see my dog turning old, lose skin under her neck, I see her sleeping more and more, nodding off as she pretends to stay awake. I sit there talking to someone, a person who promises the world to me. I take my book and open a page – last poems I published about an […]

Day 75: PSL and Other Things – The Single Woman’s Diary

First PSL of the season with Barwitzki! I ate it, not drink it! That amount of cream is just sinful! Forgot how boated it gets me. Feels like a 3-day meal in 1. I’ll try to walk it off today, but walking alone can’t help! I mean, I imagine a bunch of pumpkins partying and […]

Day 74: Tough Day – The Single Woman’s Diary

Can’t even begin to say how tough today truly was. I have a perpetual headache from solving issues, and still so much more to do before the Zentralfest. Now, one might wonder what is the difference between a tough day and a rough day. Let me put it this way, today was full of obstacles, […]

Day 73: Nostalgia: The Single Woman’s Diary

High school love is strange. I am in bed listing to “Parekh & Singh”, with a-bf-n-bf, and all I can be (apart from being happy) is slightly nostalgic as I remember J’vr and T. How I was sure they would be together forever! Sixteen years since High School, we all have come far, achieved much, […]

Qui Vivra Verra

I worry I will wake up from this dream and all that’s left is void, for unbelievable it is to see someone pay attention to all my little things. Small gestures and observations, little unexpected surprises, little bitty battles, fraught with teases, and shifting focus to love. To love one another than to run and […]

Day 71: Cookies and Keys – The Single Woman’s Diary

Dan-the-Man: you would die out of hunger in a bakery. Me: what? Why? Dan-the-man: you’d be standing there, not seeing any food and crying out “is there any food?” in a bakery. Me: mais… Non! Dan-the-Man: all the good stuff’s behind that glass, showcased, on the shelves behind the counter… But you’d just stand there, […]

Dee’s Ds

Good feeling getting high as a kid. Drunk as a skunk on the coughing ol’Monk? Trying out bras when breasts are barely formed? Stuffing paper to pad them, puff them up? All of a sudden twenty years have gone by, breasts are there but priorities shifted from bosom-padding style. Now they barely say “hello” from […]

Day 69: uuuuuu… 69! The Single Woman’s Diary

Ok. I can’t play cards. And on this I am ashamed. Jass is a trick taking, Ace-Ten card game played in Switzerland – and I can’t play it to save my life. I am miserable at understanding cards. I just don’t get it. Or I never had a person who could correctly explain it to […]