Day 26: L’s Lament

I find it admirable that

you really are open to

letting people into your life:

not putting up walls

even when you see red flags,

genuinely believing

“this one might not be like others”.



That’s what you said,

when I showed concern –

in December, over a keen

forty year old man,

with no prior serious relationship,

accountable as a try

or a responsibility.



Couldn’t help but question,

why is she not seeing

this as a problem?

A man, over enthusiastic to find

himself a lover for life and

not just another hoity-toity

his – “one-night” standard?



But that’s just me,

your Jaded Little Cynic –

and I can only hope that

you remain the same

old Dee; for, it takes

courage, naivety and

truly a heart of gold.



To believe the world isn’t all

rugged, cunning, motivated

purely by self-interest, and cold.

Every backlash at you

confirms my stand,

disillusionment of character!



Why can’t we snatch that

whisky from the hands of

that grinning old man?

And tell him his dead wife

is having a party 6 feet under,

so he can shimmy as much as

he wants with the young

ones – but, she’s way better?



But that’s just me,

your Jaded Little Cynic.

One thought on “Day 26: L’s Lament

  1. Leaving yourself open to love, friendship and ​new experiences means making yourself vulnerable. Knowing that the person you’re opening yourself up to can and probably will end up hurting you.

    It takes courage and strength. I hope you’ll maintain your heart of gold whilst also keeping yourself safe. Because some people will shamelessly exploit you as soon as you’ll let your guard down. Take care. 💛

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