Mommy Diaries: Familiarity and Illnesses

I always saw my parents stressing when I’d fall sick. That didn’t stop me from getting flu, getting into accidents, playing in vehicle impoundment yards, construction sites, electric generator rooms, and the list goes on. My question was: if the street urchins can, why can’t I? Why should their childhood be filled with dangerous liberty […]


Unpopular opinion perhaps but true to what I argue, problematic is not racism but colourism like “Et tu, …”! As women in Iran fight for rights, Aryan remains a misconception – greed splits human-race and hatred bonds us through fear. Beware, white-blacks-browns-reds-yellow, you’re all mocking and damning eachother – but hypocrites! Worse you do to […]

Mommy Diaries: One year ago.

It’s been an entire year since I stopped the count as a “single woman actively dating”. It’s our first ever anniversary together. The past year was unexpected and exceptional. We got together as he moved all his belongings from his old apartment to his new one in Fribourg, as I was actively looking for the […]


Self-hate has left tally marks on her skin. One, two, three, four and a strike through! Five. In clusters. Here and there. We tally our beer, she tallied her pain. Till one day she stopped. She reached the highest level of self-loathing: So much so it flipped. A soul that reached serenity by fighting against […]

Mommy Diaries: First Period. Period.

Today is day one. Oh and this monster has a name. Postpartum period. My period has returned after about 11-12 weeks since giving birth. And I am not breastfeeding at all. While around one-fifth of breastfeeding parents will get their period within six months of giving birth, non-breastfeeding moms get them in the earlier half […]


I startle awake in the light, uncanny calm engulfs dawn. Chirping birds and whispered words turn this heat into blue sunny morn. Gentle breeze, an open window, summer-crescent visible above the meadow. Take it in, hold your breath as days get shorter, stars close together – green leaves turn brown.