Free Spirit

What’s there to not love about your favourite auntie? When free reign is only free as skin-deep is deep, when metaphors become allegories, Blues become happy and parents stand on the side stage cheering you on – as your free-spirited auntie stands with your feisty interests. What’s there not to love about a mouth that […]

Tiny tale of a #TigerCub

“Did you call for rain?” A woman in a frilly white saree and opal jewellery asked, stepping closer to the tiger cub. Stitched named tag on her silver blouse read ‘Indre’. Pouting little tiger cub let out a high-pitched cry and chuffed, as he sat on the curb and nodded, carefully curled within limited shade […]


Year ago I sat around waving a white flag, that’s about it, I said to myself. These clouds keep swirling around. From blue moon that spelled like a round Saphire on my thirteenth birthday, to stars that dropped from the night sky. I ran to the balcony to gather star dust – concrete jungle surrounding […]

Crazy Positivity

I cannot see myself being optimistic when melancholy is a part of our daily conversation of gestures. Body social and it’s individuation, mimetic synchronicity – one attacks and the other follows. One way or the other – aggravation. Jean said, “Democracy is the menopause of Western society, the Grand Climacteric of the body social. Fascism […]


A new era. A pandemic and a war. Civilisation didn’t come too far. Mother for her children – hear her cry as she sings them to sleep, scared for their safety. Father for his children – watch him stay strong despite all odds, scared for life. Mourning for the dead… We are all related someway […]


I look at tough situations often seeing it as ridiculous. Like a boggart in a cupboard, that dies with my laughter. More you provoke, more you stimulate my brain. Often I imagine my provocateur red faced, shake of anger, popping veins on forehead… Some even come with inborn horns, jealous of happy and afraid of […]