Day 3: The Single Woman’s Diary

What happens when you are single? Your focus shifts. You are no longer bounded by the burden of affection but you jump right into the cutthroat world of rat-race. All of a sudden I’m giving 100,000% at building myself and I know what I want from my career and education more than ever.

This. Clarity. Doesn’t come with love. As women our down right capacity to give all-consuming love to someone special in our life, makes us a bit too preoccupied – while men can go win the world; single-mindedness of being a go-getter. And this is just social conditioning. For centuries we have been conditioned to make home a comfortable place for the bread-earning man, while men have been conditioned to think and act in a competitive environment in-order-to build up empires. Yesterday, I realised that. Yesterday I realised how lucky I am to be single.

Now, I need a hobby too. So… Of late I’ve taken interest in reading up on zodiacs. Fascinating stuff. I see it as behavioural psychology categorised by natal timings and the frequency of that behaviour exhibited by those around a certain-period-born, makes it kind of a proven pattern. And if you see that behavioural pattern you can more or less guess what zodiac that person belongs to. That’s how I see astrology. Fascinating indeed.

Anyway, if you haven’t already been accustomed to my thought jumps, ADHD trait, here’s some more.

Last night was quite a lovely evening, where I could bond with my workmates and bosses. Three phrases stuck with me as I woke up this morning with a hangover:

1. “we Aries are good at heart that’s why we have to be careful not to get used by others.”

2. “the emancipated rich kid.”

3. “men are scared of her.”

I can’t stop thinking, whatever will be will be – but for now I know what I want and what I can bring into my own development as much as that of my surroundings.

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