Free Spirit

What’s there to not love about your favourite auntie? When free reign is only free as skin-deep is deep, when metaphors become allegories, Blues become happy and parents stand on the side stage cheering you on – as your free-spirited auntie stands with your feisty interests. What’s there not to love about a mouth that […]


Unpopular opinion perhaps but true to what I argue, problematic is not racism but colourism like “Et tu, …”! As women in Iran fight for rights, Aryan remains a misconception – greed splits human-race and hatred bonds us through fear. Beware, white-blacks-browns-reds-yellow, you’re all mocking and damning eachother – but hypocrites! Worse you do to […]

#Kashmiri Apples

Hard rural boys, dark skinned in their six hundred rupees pants – bought on the roadside, wanted to get them beautiful Kashmiri girls when BJP moved forces into the state; “white babes, with cheeks like apples – darlings me marry yous, wanna be my friendship?” So I told them, perhaps women from their family would […]

Day 146: #MaternalWall or Maternity Bias

Bias against mothers stems not only from assumptions about what mothers are like, but also from assumptions about how mothers should behave… leading to people deciding as “well wishers” if mothers are capable of handling a child and a responsibility. This is particularly problematic as many would indulge into this sort of gender bias without […]

Day 117: Sisyphean task

I have been travelling and living alone, away from my parents since I came of age. There were many Bengali men and women before I, they did the same, one of them being Gayatri Chakraborty-Spivak. I prefer thinking of us as the free spirited lot – in a never ending quest for knowledge and education. […]

Day 6: The Pillow!

Every guy dreads the pillow. Reason? Nothing is more comfortable than resting your ever growing belly on a mush. I mean I tried explaining it to my guy… told him if he gets fat I’d rather use him as my pillow but then he’s anything but chubby! So … given the choice between a bag […]

Complaints: The Love Diary

So I had an official complaint from my boyfriend about my blog. “It’s been 4 days, where’s the new stuff? You’re not writing regularly!” I think at that moment my heart melted and I wanted to run down to Fribourg and hug him! If only all the complaints about my blog were in that direction […]

AI Lover: The Love Diary

I had a lovely discussion about chatbots recently. Those who know me, are aware that human and machine relations have always been a primary focus for my design and anthropology studies – and as a mentor to Master students at Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst FHNW, it has been a focus I didnot waver from. […]

If it was meant to be

Sometimes I wonder why so much energy is spent to cause misery after you decide to dump someone? Sometimes I wonder why after choosing to break one’s heart there’s still unresolved issues day after day, night after night? You pretend to be “in such a good place” and yet took up to social media to […]

Yesterday and Today: The Love Diary

Yesterday I didn’t write. Sometimes taking a break from everything and relaxing can be really fruitful. I’m off alcohol for now, health issues, and reading a lot of everything. What I enjoy mostly these days? Behavioural psychology. Herd mentality and individuality. Curious. How people behave under certain circumstances. Also influenced by peers, social capital and […]