Day 2: The Single Woman’s Diary

How far I’ve come!

I am standing,

standing alone and strong.

Refuse to be appeased

by anything less than

loving and meaningful;

far from a second-guess!

I feel your piercing gaze –

your eyes on me.

I keep wondering:

What? What is it?


This single’s summertime,

fell asleep single, and today

I woke up the same.

No cuddles in my bed,

just my dog to snuggle,

as I asked her to “stay”.

A wise friend writes:

thus we have been loaned

to one another“,

friends help friends,

lovers rarely last forever.

Go in with no expectations,

see where things lead.

Always be yourself.


Truth be told, I’m oscillating

between freedom and fence.


You can’t capture me.

I am officially a phenomenon –

untethered, free, raining down

upon those who try to

tame this wild inner child.

No commitment, no complaint,

enjoying every moment.

No expectations. No exploitation.

Yet, I feel your eyes on me.

Your perception carries trough –

I’s and Eyes, and “Ai-ai-ai’s”!

Pressure of SouthAsian society.

Pressure of Western “being cool”!

Pressure. “I won’t let you capture me.

I’m choosing to be free.”


Yet, the old poet says:

Somewhere in time

a present, ready soul stands,

looking towards you.

This most opportune time

to the fullest, you must live,


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