Day 45: Money

Mondays are usually hectic. Today was surely so. Since I stop working at end of March, on my birthday, I had to make some arrangements to make sure I am not completely penniless. Cause seriously – at my age I feel highly embarrassed to ask my parents for support even when they have been willing and supporting me almost all my life. Dad’s reason: “you’re my only child, it’s all yours, take it when you need it”.

I am truly blessed. But self respect. Can’t do that.

Change of topic.

14th of February … 6 months ago my boyfriend asked me to be his girlfriend, on this date in 1556 – Coronation of Akbar as ruler of the Mughal Empire occurred, and today is Galentines Day where I celebrate all my best Gal-pals! Weather they are single or taken! I mean, if I must spend money on this capitalistic day – might as well be to spend time with gal-pals, or buy treats for my Poochie, or buy new home-decor to make our new little home a cozy place for Schild and I.

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