Day 46: Snoring

Did I tell you that a side effect to being pregnant is snoring? Apparently it is cause of oestrogen and progesterone that increases blood flow to the body’s mucous membranes. This causes nasal congestion. Hence at night your nose trumpets like an elephant!

We can find a bunch of stuff online that says how to prevent it. My favourite one that leaves me with a neck-ache is “head elevation”. Putting an extra pillow under my head to take pressure off airways. Sure. One hitch. I am a belly-sleeper, who has to sleep on the side to get some amount of sleep before work cause sleeping on my belly is not possible with the little one in there. The little one has a preferred side for me to sleep on, or else I get hard kicks all night long! Fussy baby. And side sleeping with two pillows will always equal a neck-ache that doesn’t go away!

The second one is nasal strip. This one is on me really. Somehow my brain translated it to the charcoal nasal strip that eliminates blackheads. So I went to sleep with a blackhead remover and no. It didn’t help.

Humidifier is another given option. Haven’t tried that yet. Cause I don’t like them at all. Most internet posts say that it weighs down dust particles in the air – to the ground and hence keeping them out of nasal passages. Not sure I want a sticky room with humidity in winter. Hmm. I must be sounding stupid cause I am sure this is not how it works but my brain doesn’t want to try it out.

Now, lastly – “side sleeping”. Are you kidding me? I am sleeping side ways and I am snoring nonstop. What’s wrong with you internet!?!

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