Day 3 : Hunger vs Morning Sickness – The Pregnancy Diary

Read somewhere that for a “percentage of people, morning sickness is simply a pregnancy symptom they never experience”. For me that was it. Sometimes (in the evening) I felt slightly nauseated but never truly vomiting.

On the other hand I faced fatigue, and extreme hunger! I have never been so hungry in my life! Sometimes I thought I could eat half the ocean and still need more! My weight increased drastically from my regular 54.5 kilos to 67 in a matter of 4 months! Thank my lucky stars that I’m tall, so it doesn’t show that badly as it should!

But the hardest thing to do at this point was keeping it to ourselves. We wanted to figure out things, tell our family, and then our closest and dearest friends – eventually everyone else.

To be honest, anyone with a pair of functioning eyes could eventually see that I was way bigger within a month and for sure pregnant.

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