Day 21: Wellness Appointment – The Single Woman’s Diary

Second shot of my Covid vaccine ended up with me getting the full package of side effects. In the arm where I got the shot: pain, redness, swelling; and for the rest: tiredness, headache, muscle pain, chills, fever, nausea. The whole package. They weren’t kidding when they said “wellness appointment” as part of the title of my vaccine schedule mail. Just that this sort of wellness comes with the opposite of wellness! Screwed up sense of humour their marketing team has – I realised that as I received the whole post-second-shot wellness-package for “gratis”!

Sometimes I do wonder if all this is happening to me cause I didn’t forward that Facebook message (that my aunt keeps sending me from India) to 10 people.

To some, covid was hard. Being locked up at home was hard. I must be crazy cause I found it rather relaxing at the beginning, then annoying, then back to it being the new normal so couldn’t care less. I think if I’m put in a Swiss jail, I’ll sit there creating an empire cause I’ll have nothing else to do but to read, create, build! I’m just too comfortable with being alone, cause it’ll be my sufficient time to create! Social distancing. Especially since Covid and my breakup, I have really become mature enough to socially distance from all men. I really know how to build the Great Wall of China around me, don’t I?

Update: (As I came home)

Roomie: *standing there staring at me wide eyed*

Me: What did I forget now?

Roomie: How are you?

Me: What do you think? I went to work, didn’t I?

Roomie: That’s the thing, you were fainting in the morning and now you’re coming back from work?!?! You’re a stubborn mule!


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