Day 22: Humble Brag – The Single Woman’s Diary

May be, I should have called this “the diary of a stubborn mule”! Reason? Once I decide on something it’s hard to get me off track. Hyper focus is my superpower – if the focus is on the right thing, that is.

For example, humble brag, I promised myself – no more full coverage makeup. Hyper focused on that. This morning my roomie/birthday-boy goes “women must hate you”, when I told him I had only mascara and kohl on. I took offence. Well, then again I live in this naive world where I truly believe that women don’t hate based on “jealousy” – because that was insinuated through that comment. Though I appreciate it much that my no makeup looks good enough, I do take offence. But then again, he’s the birthday-child, so he’s the king today. Not all fights need fighting.

I like birthdays. Though everyday should be lived with the same passion and gusto, birthdays are truly the day which highlights people/birthday-person concerned. To me that is so important. Celebrating a person, especially on their special day. So Daniel got a Kahlöffee (Kahlúa+chocolate+milk+coffee) our special concoction that we came up with years ago – during Bachelor/Masters studies; this was his birthday morning drink! Besties are the best to room with. Even when they are annoying.

And so my day begins. Listing to Savage Garden, walking down/slipping down/falling on my ass at steep Schlittelrain, making it to the 54 train, off to work – and later stamm this evening. Through and through, I choose me and it’s a fabulous feeling.

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