Your First

We locked gaze, while dancing on the bench,

zicke, zacke, zicke, zacke, hoi, hoi, hoi.

First I was scared, scared to be the only brown woman

in a hall full of white. Scared as you looked 

nothing less than a prince – out of fairy-tale.

We danced all night, your eyes on me, 

and then we parted ways.

I see you again, a few months down.

We locked gaze – now I crave your mouth.

Your voice, your face, your scent, all of you:

all evening, talking, laughing, talking, laughing. 

I forgot how happy this feeling could be.

Looking up at your arrogant face, 

your thundering laughter! I thank the stars above.

You are young, younger than I.

You have stepped into this arena of love, 

so have I. I stand as your first, yet millions of lovers

have past through these gates of : forever.

Old love renewed, reborn, renewed, reborn.

We have played our part, sweet memories

yet distressful parting tears – you have my heart. 

Your first.

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