Alter-ego, my romantic: The Love Diary

It’s autumn again… it has been autumn throughout. Start of a new semester. It’s 7:30 in the morning and sun is shining through browning autumn leaves. Summer went fast. We are 3 months from December, one can honestly say this year went fast too.

Covid changed people. For better or for worse.

T wrote: “There are so many nice guys suddenly? Even the one-night-stand guy is totally understanding, re: me being a neurotic mess?! Huh. Maybe I’m just better at finding nice people nowadays, ‘cause where were they when I was like… 20? And still actively dating? And kept meeting scum?

Me: “The nice guys were hiding or were taken by not so nice girls. All of a sudden they are coming out of their den. Covid happened I guess?

Much changed in last one and a half years. I think it really showed us the good, bad and the ugly on multiple levels. We lost much but we also gained much more: experience and understanding of what we truly want in life and the willingness to fight for it. Here’s the thing, I found me a romantic like myself. I didn’t plan on bumping into any Appenzeller – that too a Blockler while being from a Reform student-society and a Neuchâteloise myself. I kept telling my young fuxen – “careful not to date within the student societies… Literally, don’t shit where you eat”. Yet, here I am.

I never was with anyone from the Swiss Student’s Society (SSS). My principle? I kept my romantic affairs out of there. We are a close, happy little family where everyone is everyone’s friend and reputations can be easily ruined. Ex-bf/gf’s will be mad at the new ones while new bf/gf’s deal with crushes going Mad-Heidi all-over them. That’s life! That’s life in general all around the world!

Amused by the general royal mess that all affairs of heart causes, after all these years (2018 onwards) here I am, girlfriend to one, and I feel truly blessed to find my alter-ego. Sometimes I feel like my heart will burst with happiness when he says those three words, and I can only reciprocate with a “I love you too, and I am sure I will keep loving you more and more with every passing day.

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