Mommy Diaries: One year ago.

It’s been an entire year since I stopped the count as a “single woman actively dating”. It’s our first ever anniversary together. The past year was unexpected and exceptional. We got together as he moved all his belongings from his old apartment to his new one in Fribourg, as I was actively looking for the […]

Mommy Diaries : Teething and Trouble.

One of the worst things that one can go through as a new mommy is have your baby in your arm and he starts crying while looking up at you with full faith that you can help. But you are equally helpless, as you know not what to do to soothe their pain. My baby […]

Writer’s Bane: The Love Diary

This is real. Bane of my existence. Often people see me as a very strict over-achieving individual who never learnt to give up. Frankly, I don’t know where that comes from. The thing I do is fight a war if it is with myself but often give in when it is with others – that […]

Basel: The Love Diary

I never thought that I would be able to go to Basel anytime sooner than a year. Yet here I was, second time this week, and I didn’t have any issues of spatial remembrance. As a matter of fact orientation in space was completely independent of incidences dating back to my ex or my breakup. […]

Hoppy: The Love Diary

Dan-the-Man: wait! What is his nickname for you? Hoppy? Me: Yeah. I like it. I figure it’s a good thing as Hops keep beer fresher for long… right? That’s what Schild and Schalk explained. Dan-the-Man: *shaking his head and laughing* Me: Hey! C‘mon. It even rhymes with my other nickname Poppy! Dan-the-Man: Did you Google […]

Vienna: The Love Diary

This post took a weekend in the making. Thoughts and experiences, though braised over to keep it short, this Love Diary post is close to my heart. And it all started like this… A month ago my BF asked me to come with him to Vienna for the 125th Year Jubilee of the student association […]

Psycho Ex: The Love Diary

Psycho ex GF/BF? Who broke up with you? Block them, ignore them. When they have a problem and text you, call you cause they are incapable of dealing with their own shit – whether or not you make them your own problem is up to you. And this was the most precious advice I received […]

Fribourg: The Love Diary

I think I never gave Fribourg any credit to be remotely pretty. From Buttes, to Peseux, to Basel, to Olten, to Aarau and now a bit Aarau and a bit Fribourg – and to be honest, the latter city always seemed to me very “mediocre for being the capital of a large canton”! Particularly on […]

Alter-ego, my romantic: The Love Diary

It’s autumn again… it has been autumn throughout. Start of a new semester. It’s 7:30 in the morning and sun is shining through browning autumn leaves. Summer went fast. We are 3 months from December, one can honestly say this year went fast too. Covid changed people. For better or for worse. T wrote: “There […]