Day 45: Jens – The Single Woman’s Diary

Jens. What can I say? I love this place. Not as much as I love Buttes, but close. Very close.

I like solitude. Perhaps the reason why Jens and Buttes inspire my writing so much. From apple orchards to absinthe valley – my love for tiny lost villages, around Neuchâtel and Biel, is abysmally self-centred. Why self-centred? Everything around me – people, situations, worries – everything melts away and I am one with myself. Balanced.

Here’s the thing though, the only way I can leave civilisation, and move to my happy place in the middle of nowhere in Switzerland is, if I am sufficiently self employed. Sigh. Capitalism is making me work even harder to catch a few breath of fresh air at places that energise me.

Bright side: today I’m vegetating on a barn stool in Jens as flies buzz around me, children play “aliens”, and cows moo – as it rains!

Being able to centre myself within me, has become my new normal. My mind is like a tortoise shell, I can disconnect and retreat as soon as I experience sensory overload. Yet, if you look at me – you’ll think I am perfectly present in the moment.

Solitude. Even when you are in a crowd. Now that is some next level introvert shit!

2019 Autumn: Jens.

One thought on “Day 45: Jens – The Single Woman’s Diary

  1. This is interesting (to me).

    And also highlighting the difference between solitude and loneliness. I’ve felt lonely in a crowd and it was awful. But solitude / being alone /by oneself doesn’t have to mean that one is lonely.


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