Day 8: Extensions and Red Flags – The Single Woman’s Diary

It felt odd, as it was the first time I asked for an extension from any professor at Uni. Of late, I realised, how overwhelmed I have been. It was never juggling work and studies, it was never balancing 100% design job and 100% anthropology masters that got me overwhelmed; rather the “other” thing from […]

Day 28: Fries are Soul Food – The Breakup

Lunch hour is so pleasurable. That 45 mins that I take, is pure bliss. Especially when the sun is out. Walked into Rheinfelder Bierhalle, for salad, fries and cola. Yes, those who know me know my appetite for fries. There’s no time for fries… fries are meant for breakfast, lunch and dinner. (I can totally […]