#fonction #éducative

Je dois reformuler quelque chose que j’ai entendu récemment… (à mon avis) La fonction éducative de la vie est le rêve de tout philosophe moraliste et de toute propagande conservatrice. Pour vivre pleinement, ne cherchez pas la fonction éducative de la vie, car comme l’art, il n’y a pas de fonction éducative ici!

Mommy Diaries: #Totensalamander #ElizabethII

“Höre mich, tote Schwester, ich trinke dir das letzte Glas.” There’s a trending post: “Imagine if the world showed this much care and empathy for the communities that Queen Elizabeth II and the monarchy colonised and ravaged.” On CNBC news, an article talks of how Queen Elizabeth’s death revives criticism of Britain’s legacy of colonialism: […]

#Kashmiri Apples

Hard rural boys, dark skinned in their six hundred rupees pants – bought on the roadside, wanted to get them beautiful Kashmiri girls when BJP moved forces into the state; “white babes, with cheeks like apples – darlings me marry yous, wanna be my friendship?” So I told them, perhaps women from their family would […]


Often hosts flutter aroundme in a compassionateway – eying,placing me securelyin a closed cabinetof fully inadequate.Then the statement –“I have been to yourcountry, must be nice living here?”All I reply is this:“Yes, isn’t it lovely living herein my country?”Securely aware of the realquestion: “How does itfeel to be brown?”

Mommy Diaries : Teething and Trouble.

One of the worst things that one can go through as a new mommy is have your baby in your arm and he starts crying while looking up at you with full faith that you can help. But you are equally helpless, as you know not what to do to soothe their pain. My baby […]

#Awkward Grace

I have a soft spot for the underdogs, the socially awkward, kind hearted misfits, honest and the naïve – they are emotionally far more mature than the normal, the strategist, charming, conniving superficial humans that the world readily celebrates. For the former doesn’t know how to gracefully let go – but when they do the […]