Free Spirit

What’s there to not love about your favourite auntie? When free reign is only free as skin-deep is deep, when metaphors become allegories, Blues become happy and parents stand on the side stage cheering you on – as your free-spirited auntie stands with your feisty interests. What’s there not to love about a mouth that […]

Day 6: The Pillow!

Every guy dreads the pillow. Reason? Nothing is more comfortable than resting your ever growing belly on a mush. I mean I tried explaining it to my guy… told him if he gets fat I’d rather use him as my pillow but then he’s anything but chubby! So … given the choice between a bag […]

Rant on Self Love: The Love Diary

It started with banana bread craving this noon! I don’t always crave food but the past weeks my cravings have been abysmal. And with self affirmations and realisation – “buckle up buttercup, you know that you’re very special, and it’s time for self love! For the most important person in your life is you. So, […]


I believe actions speak louder, perhaps the reason why I smile and nod when I see words pouring out some mouths whose actions showed otherwise. Perhaps a reason why I have allowed me to become a hypocrite and play along cause I know their insincerity has no parallel.

Throwbacks: The Love Diary

Saw a picture of me last year, this time, on the day. I smiled. Remembering that I was stressed, worried, questioning myself. Am I studying the right thing? Am I seeing this hypothesis clearly? What will my research bring to academic sector of design? Is this even worth it? What am I doing with life? […]

I see my dog turning old, lose skin under her neck, I see her sleeping more and more, nodding off as she pretends to stay awake. I sit there talking to someone, a person who promises the world to me. I take my book and open a page – last poems I published about an […]

Dee’s Ds

Good feeling getting high as a kid. Drunk as a skunk on the coughing ol’Monk? Trying out bras when breasts are barely formed? Stuffing paper to pad them, puff them up? All of a sudden twenty years have gone by, breasts are there but priorities shifted from bosom-padding style. Now they barely say “hello” from […]

Day 48: Red Lipstick – The Single Woman’s Diary

Well, my date was late last evening and a guy came up and introduced himself saying “I am Kevin, you are beautiful, if he doesn’t show up, I’m seated there.” I think I never blushed more profusely! Never thought red lipstick can do this. On my date’s arrival, as I sat inside the pub and […]