Day 141: #Karma

I’ve always heard my grandmother say “all our misery in this life is because of our Karma from our previous life”. You can be a good person and yet have the worst people surrounding you and making you miserable. It has nothing to do with who you are now, according to the Vedas, it has […]

Ah #BBC: Why you do this?

Day 101 The inaccuracy riding on black or white notions of facts with zero tolerance towards grey area – is exactly what makes for irritable sensational news. I read this article about Bridgerton and had to frown. Yes the show is questionable in its regards – particularly featuring a Black Lord Hastings (wasn’t the real […]

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If development wouldn’t have been killed, religious hypocrisy wouldn’t have been caught. Yogi, Fakir, Priest, Rabbi, Mystic – no matter the name.  You have surrendered to your own brand of  collective serotonin. Behind every revered cry  in praise of divinity, masks of extremist cowards  stick on like Fevicol.  In the midst of it all, the […]