Day 41: The Shit-Show – Single Woman’s Diary

It was really lovely what V said last night: “get them to do a blood test on your 3rd date”! After I told her about how “helicobacter pylori” spreads! And Daniel: “wow you got lucky. You dodged a bullet!” Tinder dates. What can I say? What can I say. You think as a woman abiding […]

Day 15 (Part 2) : 17, Simon Says… – The Breakup

This afternoon I received a message that my friend passed away. 17. That’s what I used to call him. He was the most fascinating creature I have known. We always thought he was way cooler than anyone of us high-school kids, cause he would just take off and do some monk-stuff in seclusion. He would […]

Day 7: The BreakUp

It’s exactly a week. Hour to hour. That we broke up. I have been asking myself why my ex-BF puts so much emphasis on what this 45-year-old friend thinks? So I read through Spivak, Connell, Bourdieu, Balibar, Chaudhury… and I think I have an answer. You see, my strength is not physical. My strength is […]

Day 5: Flashback Still – The BreakUP

I feel miserable. Remembering all that is causing so much pain. But in order to get over him I have to remember. I have to feel the pain. It is hard to digest the lack of empathy in some people, and I am here crying my feelings out. I see him online on Whatsapp and […]