Unpopular opinion perhaps but true to what I argue, problematic is not racism but colourism like “Et tu, …”! As women in Iran fight for rights, Aryan remains a misconception – greed splits human-race and hatred bonds us through fear. Beware, white-blacks-browns-reds-yellow, you’re all mocking and damning eachother – but hypocrites! Worse you do to […]

#Kashmiri Apples

Hard rural boys, dark skinned in their six hundred rupees pants – bought on the roadside, wanted to get them beautiful Kashmiri girls when BJP moved forces into the state; “white babes, with cheeks like apples – darlings me marry yous, wanna be my friendship?” So I told them, perhaps women from their family would […]


Everytime I hear someone is – nice, kind, friendly, with practically no flaws, I take it with a grain of salt. Think to myself: hey! Thanks for stopping by, you came prepared with your umbrella, a rain jacket, some rubber boots and an earnest face. You know what to say, what to do, I am […]

#Neutral #Natural

They talk of unwritten magic of girl child born. Goldmines and privilege waiting to be snatched from under their overgrown moustache. Talk of breaking glass ceilings, yet, made available for the similar – those who look, talk, walk, eat like us. Privilege is gender neutral. Makes one wonder, what truly is the difference between men […]

Day 149: Know your enemy – #DogWhistling #Narcissists

“Dog whistling is a gaslighting abuse technique where an abuser can cause suffering to another without others being aware of what is occurring. When the abused tries to speak up against it – it is dismissed by others as they are not being hurt by the action.” One of the major dog-whistle tactics that some […]

Ah #BBC: Why you do this?

Day 101 The inaccuracy riding on black or white notions of facts with zero tolerance towards grey area – is exactly what makes for irritable sensational news. I read this article about Bridgerton and had to frown. Yes the show is questionable in its regards – particularly featuring a Black Lord Hastings (wasn’t the real […]

Crazy Positivity

I cannot see myself being optimistic when melancholy is a part of our daily conversation of gestures. Body social and it’s individuation, mimetic synchronicity – one attacks and the other follows. One way or the other – aggravation. Jean said, “Democracy is the menopause of Western society, the Grand Climacteric of the body social. Fascism […]

Here We Are Today

Some dozen phone-apps banned after a bloodsucking Indian government decided to blame shift.No land was occupied, he said. No borders crossed, he said. No calamities.I sit here thinking: a few months ago, under the same banner you all rallied up in support of his charade.A little fragrance commemorating the glorious days, and as much as […]