Walk through the Wald bringing me closer to kaleidoscope of hues, life, colour… A World full of life I see through misty eyes as miasma clears. Then again, through the looking glass I look, as I walk through the World that brings me closer to kaleidoscope of hues, life, colour… A Wald full of life.


First ray of sunshine tearing through clouds in the sky; golden morning reflects on young green leaves of ash tree outside. I sit on the balcony, sipping my coffee, melancholic and alone. Fresh breeze carrying smell of mowed green grass, nature is alive, vast, if you listen carefully you can hear it’s voice, and the […]

Day 15: Thorn Birds and Parrots – The Breakup

Yesterday I met the kindest stranger I can ever image. I’ll call him Walliser Dani (WD). A date set up by Daniel. WD is half Spanish (Galicia) and half Swiss. WD is actually kind and sympathetic – reminds me a lot of Sol (Frankie’s husband – from Grace and Frankie), in his mannerisms. I found […]