First winter

Frozen greens – on rolling hills. I know the owner as he prepares Christmas carols to sing. Heisse Marroni stands are up, darkest month filled up with light and love. I stand here waiting and watching train-tracks fill up with snow. A thought occurred as footprints of many appeared this morn. I too saw your […]


Unpopular opinion perhaps but true to what I argue, problematic is not racism but colourism like “Et tu, …”! As women in Iran fight for rights, Aryan remains a misconception – greed splits human-race and hatred bonds us through fear. Beware, white-blacks-browns-reds-yellow, you’re all mocking and damning eachother – but hypocrites! Worse you do to […]


Tightrope walkers keep practicing at odd gardens and between park trees. While watching them trying and teaching and practicing; having fun – rasta hair, lively smiles, reggaetón on the blast – I cannot help but wonder, do they really know what it means to be ‘hanging by a thread’? Walking through life as funambule?

#Neutral #Natural

They talk of unwritten magic of girl child born. Goldmines and privilege waiting to be snatched from under their overgrown moustache. Talk of breaking glass ceilings, yet, made available for the similar – those who look, talk, walk, eat like us. Privilege is gender neutral. Makes one wonder, what truly is the difference between men […]


I first met a dragon at eight. They say consciousness develops then. Aware and responsive, perceptive; I’ll never forget! I met my great-grandmother. She called me ‘zhorstkyy’. Hardface. Little old lady who lived to be hundred and two, drank vodka every night and cooked for all – every day! She told my mother this: the […]


Keep hearing mention of an idiom: throw someone under the bus. It means to criticise, blame or punish someone in a vulnerable position; just so to avoid blame or to gain an advantage. Funny how it turns out that those who repeatedly use this term as a caution-tale… tactic, paranoia, – are often doing so […]


I startle awake in the light, uncanny calm engulfs dawn. Chirping birds and whispered words turn this heat into blue sunny morn. Gentle breeze, an open window, summer-crescent visible above the meadow. Take it in, hold your breath as days get shorter, stars close together – green leaves turn brown.