Mommy Diaries: Divorce, Possibilities, and Lessons

I came across a post that asks the same question that I – a feminist – asked for a while. Why aren’t marriages lasting like our grandparents generation – what changed? A very smart person from America replied: This is answered weekly and no one is listening. You might also ask, “Why didn’t women have […]

Day 127: #Subaltern, Bengal and it’s Bengalis

India has two official languages – English and Hindi – used by the Union government. But no National Language. Hindi is NOT a National Language. But that does not stop influential media (and far-right political) personalities from trying to impose Hindi on all Indians and call it a mother-tongue. Truth be told, when I talked […]

Day 117: Sisyphean task

I have been travelling and living alone, away from my parents since I came of age. There were many Bengali men and women before I, they did the same, one of them being Gayatri Chakraborty-Spivak. I prefer thinking of us as the free spirited lot – in a never ending quest for knowledge and education. […]

Ah #BBC: Why you do this?

Day 101 The inaccuracy riding on black or white notions of facts with zero tolerance towards grey area – is exactly what makes for irritable sensational news. I read this article about Bridgerton and had to frown. Yes the show is questionable in its regards – particularly featuring a Black Lord Hastings (wasn’t the real […]

Hoppy: The Love Diary

Dan-the-Man: wait! What is his nickname for you? Hoppy? Me: Yeah. I like it. I figure it’s a good thing as Hops keep beer fresher for long… right? That’s what Schild and Schalk explained. Dan-the-Man: *shaking his head and laughing* Me: Hey! C‘mon. It even rhymes with my other nickname Poppy! Dan-the-Man: Did you Google […]

Throwbacks: The Love Diary

Saw a picture of me last year, this time, on the day. I smiled. Remembering that I was stressed, worried, questioning myself. Am I studying the right thing? Am I seeing this hypothesis clearly? What will my research bring to academic sector of design? Is this even worth it? What am I doing with life? […]

Day 23: The Breakup

Listen. Sometimes it’s important to let go of your personal morals, your high horse. As at, trying to save others in my case. Let them bumble-fuck – why do I even care to redeem them? Let people laugh at their idiocy, let others see through their stupidity and lies and 1000 shades of Yellow. ‘Cause […]

Rest in Peace, 17

Day16: We can’t feel the loss of a friend until they are apart from us. Grieving the loss of a friend can truly be painful as we pick our friends – they are the family we choose, cause they share some qualities which we identify with; while relatives are thrust on us by pure chance. […]

Day 8 (Part 2): Telling Papa – The BreakUp

Let’s just make one thing clear, my dad doesn’t talk much but sometimes he surprises me. So telling my dad about this breakup went like this. Dad *laughing loudly*: The one who kept calling you for 3 whole months? All the time? Even when we were at family gatherings or driving outside? The grey haired […]

Here We Are Today

Some dozen phone-apps banned after a bloodsucking Indian government decided to blame shift.No land was occupied, he said. No borders crossed, he said. No calamities.I sit here thinking: a few months ago, under the same banner you all rallied up in support of his charade.A little fragrance commemorating the glorious days, and as much as […]