Box full of bags: The Love Diary

“I forgive those who hurt me in the past and peacefully detach from them.” That has been one of my major affirmations for a while now. It allowed me to remain objective while facing random acts of symbolic violence from those I believed to be trust worthy. It’s an affirmation that helps one move past […]

I see my dog turning old, lose skin under her neck, I see her sleeping more and more, nodding off as she pretends to stay awake. I sit there talking to someone, a person who promises the world to me. I take my book and open a page – last poems I published about an […]

Day 41: The Shit-Show – Single Woman’s Diary

It was really lovely what V said last night: “get them to do a blood test on your 3rd date”! After I told her about how “helicobacter pylori” spreads! And Daniel: “wow you got lucky. You dodged a bullet!” Tinder dates. What can I say? What can I say. You think as a woman abiding […]

Day 31: Hookup Culture – The Single Woman’s Diary

Today’s Tinder-generation (and that’s a broad age spectrum, not just 20 year olds – includes those going to be 40 and 50 soon) are all swimming in a “hookup culture”. Plenty of fish in the sea, so no need to settle. It lacks depth and promotes “temporary”. Sufficing ones need when and where possible. I […]

Day 15: The Single Woman’s Diary

I never thought I’d say this… but a week of no makeup is actually doing good to my skin! And hanging out with people I adore does it even better. No, seriously though, usually I get breakouts right before my periods but this time I just had a coldsore and one huge zit a week […]

Day 11: The Single Woman’s Diary

Daniel (with a deep Scottish accent and a manly voice mimicking toxic masculinity): your father shall approve of my built, I have many cows. And a sheep. Now hold my beer. That’s what happens when you have a bestmate who’s an outsider of student associations, but loves his beer and whiskey as much as I/we […]

Day 37: The Bike Analogy – The Breakup

Woke up remembering a valid lesson that my dad taught me, in-order-to be aware that the past is in the past. To do so, one must let all past emotions leave one’s mind and be ready to move on for a new experience, cause “you can’t ride a motorcycle while keeping your eye constantly on […]