Mommy Diaries: #Grown-Up #Fun

“Are you materialistic? As an adult you can start making money. Are you civic-minded? You can vote. Do you want to drown the memories of your terrible childhood? You can drink. Do you want to make money, but in a faster, slightly more dishonest way? You can gamble, or buy a gun. You can also […]

Monday thoughts: The Love Diary

This was a good weekend. I usually spend my weekends with my boyfriend, or with my family – and/or – close/best friends (biking through backcountry, picnicking, movies, lazing around, hiking/long walks with heavy discussions, music festivals, long drives, and plain old bonding). This weekend I was at my boyfriend’s and we didn’t stay cocooned in […]

Saturday Morning Life: The Love Diary

Me: Wake up sunshine! Dan-the-man: why you hate mee (grumbling as he turned) Me: “It’s a new World, it’s a new start It’s alive, with the beating of Young hearts” Dan-the-man: why you waaake mee? Me: I have to do campaign duty in the city with Monty and I suck at self-propaganda, so wake up […]

Got happily Barwitzki-ed: The Love Diary

“Debby, I haven’t seen you in ages. And I mean that kind of ADHD-Quantum-Realm-Multiverse-ages that can spend between “sad kid waiting in the car until mommy returns (she never does but is shot of screen)” and “Rise and fall of galaxies with weird special effects (with a less known piece of Mahler in the background)” […]

Day 78: Battles and Duties – The Single Woman’s Diary

Had a call with Ro on Wednesday. She was genuinely mad at me for not calling her back after 17’s… After 5 mins of yelling at each-other we both calmed down and I updated her with everything I’ve gone through since March. Including the parts I don’t write about on my blog – work, inter-personal […]

Day 62: Loss – The Single Woman’s Diary

Losing friends to hectic schedule is not easy. It isn’t easy either to actually see unequal efforts or undefined expectations, and then someone lashing out. Blame game is not a healthy friendship. Or even a relationship to be honest. I came across these lovely sketches that shows how friendships should truly be – perhaps that’s […]