Day 50: Books

Since there are no books in Bengali available in Switzerland, Don-Grandpapa just bought original prints of Sukumar Roy, Dakshinaranjan Mitra Majumdar, Upendrakishore Ray Chowdhury, etc. and is sending them by post. His orders “read them out loud from your 7th month onwards. They hear everything!” How does he know about the seventh month “hearing it […]

Day 41: The Shit-Show – Single Woman’s Diary

It was really lovely what V said last night: “get them to do a blood test on your 3rd date”! After I told her about how “helicobacter pylori” spreads! And Daniel: “wow you got lucky. You dodged a bullet!” Tinder dates. What can I say? What can I say. You think as a woman abiding […]

Day 35 – aliens can take me NOW! – The Breakup

Yesterday’s bicycle ride and today’s anal probing! Like all that I talk about when on a long bike ride is how our “vagingin” falls asleep after-a-while and I keep wondering how men do it? They have a pair of balls and balls are pretty sensitive – not like vaginas that can survive a pounding! The […]

Day 34: Kintsugi, broken but beautiful – The Breakup

There’s one thing I realised lately, that my worthiness does not depend on validation from anyone but myself. Particularly those who take pleasure in seeing me in harm. I am worthy, loving, and an amazing person to those who know me. Of course I’ve been broken into pieces and there are pieces of me scattered […]

Day 29: Summer & Vaccine – The Breakup

Yesterday I had my first COVID vaccine (Moderna). No pain, nothing. This morning I wake up to an arm I can barely lift. It ain’t painful but it is disagreeable. The fact that it is summer-dress-time of the year again, is making me pretty happy! Friends are sending funny relationship memes – yesterday Woozle sent […]

Day 8 (Part 2): Telling Papa – The BreakUp

Let’s just make one thing clear, my dad doesn’t talk much but sometimes he surprises me. So telling my dad about this breakup went like this. Dad *laughing loudly*: The one who kept calling you for 3 whole months? All the time? Even when we were at family gatherings or driving outside? The grey haired […]

Horns and Cows

Even in the so-called romantic cultures that celebrate passionate entanglements in its literature, films, and mythology — acting “out of love” is not always an equal experience. After the past two (almost) academic posts, today (while lying in my bed, sick with flu) I have realised that it’s time to unpack the condensed ideas that I tried putting through in my previous posts. I don’t want to get into the spiral of academic language (again)… So, let me try to just go with the flow and explain what I mean with the help of popular Hindu magniloquence of “love”. And a bit of random bursting out into songs where “I would do anything for love… I’d run right into hell and back…. I would do anything for love…”!!