Mommy Diaries: Techy Maman

A follower on Instagram asked me how I protect my child and “husband”’s privacy. “A face recognition algorithm is an underlying component of any facial detection and recognition system or software. Specialists divide these algorithms into two central approaches. The geometric approach focuses on distinguishing features. The photo-metric statistical methods are used to extract values […]

Ah #BBC: Why you do this?

Day 101 The inaccuracy riding on black or white notions of facts with zero tolerance towards grey area – is exactly what makes for irritable sensational news. I read this article about Bridgerton and had to frown. Yes the show is questionable in its regards – particularly featuring a Black Lord Hastings (wasn’t the real […]

Craft & Pet Cow: The Love Diary

Some people wonder what I do in life apart from work as a Graphic Designer and study Anthropology. Often I encounter those who think my life is limited or rather enslaved by a routine – work, study, socialise, eat, sleep, work, study, socialise… a routine. No. My life is not limited to that. That’s why […]

Writer’s Bane: The Love Diary

This is real. Bane of my existence. Often people see me as a very strict over-achieving individual who never learnt to give up. Frankly, I don’t know where that comes from. The thing I do is fight a war if it is with myself but often give in when it is with others – that […]

Ethnofiction: The Love Diary

Most people try to understand my style of writing. What is this blog truly about? What are those poems truly saying? Those books I wrote – what is it even? How can it be described as a genre? Mostly trying to figure out if my kind of “thick descriptions and conversational narratives” are to be […]

Being a Graphic Designer: The Love Diary

Came across a brilliant post on LinkedIn that pointed out the exact issue that hiring has these days. The search for perfect. The search for someone who has an epiphany the night before joining the job – to know what must be produced and how. I find this sort of personal agency/attitude rather mediocre. Some […]


I believe actions speak louder, perhaps the reason why I smile and nod when I see words pouring out some mouths whose actions showed otherwise. Perhaps a reason why I have allowed me to become a hypocrite and play along cause I know their insincerity has no parallel.

Yesterday and Today: The Love Diary

Yesterday I didn’t write. Sometimes taking a break from everything and relaxing can be really fruitful. I’m off alcohol for now, health issues, and reading a lot of everything. What I enjoy mostly these days? Behavioural psychology. Herd mentality and individuality. Curious. How people behave under certain circumstances. Also influenced by peers, social capital and […]

Hoppy: The Love Diary

Dan-the-Man: wait! What is his nickname for you? Hoppy? Me: Yeah. I like it. I figure it’s a good thing as Hops keep beer fresher for long… right? That’s what Schild and Schalk explained. Dan-the-Man: *shaking his head and laughing* Me: Hey! C‘mon. It even rhymes with my other nickname Poppy! Dan-the-Man: Did you Google […]