Rant on Self Love: The Love Diary

It started with banana bread craving this noon! I don’t always crave food but the past weeks my cravings have been abysmal. And with self affirmations and realisation – “buckle up buttercup, you know that you’re very special, and it’s time for self love! For the most important person in your life is you. So, […]


I believe actions speak louder, perhaps the reason why I smile and nod when I see words pouring out some mouths whose actions showed otherwise. Perhaps a reason why I have allowed me to become a hypocrite and play along cause I know their insincerity has no parallel.

Yesterday and Today: The Love Diary

Yesterday I didn’t write. Sometimes taking a break from everything and relaxing can be really fruitful. I’m off alcohol for now, health issues, and reading a lot of everything. What I enjoy mostly these days? Behavioural psychology. Herd mentality and individuality. Curious. How people behave under certain circumstances. Also influenced by peers, social capital and […]

Mockingbird: The Love Diary

“First of all,” he said, “if you can learn a simple trick, Scout, you’ll get along a lot better with all kinds of folks. You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view […] until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” (To Kill A Mocking […]

Throwbacks: The Love Diary

Saw a picture of me last year, this time, on the day. I smiled. Remembering that I was stressed, worried, questioning myself. Am I studying the right thing? Am I seeing this hypothesis clearly? What will my research bring to academic sector of design? Is this even worth it? What am I doing with life? […]

I see my dog turning old, lose skin under her neck, I see her sleeping more and more, nodding off as she pretends to stay awake. I sit there talking to someone, a person who promises the world to me. I take my book and open a page – last poems I published about an […]

Day 41: The Shit-Show – Single Woman’s Diary

It was really lovely what V said last night: “get them to do a blood test on your 3rd date”! After I told her about how “helicobacter pylori” spreads! And Daniel: “wow you got lucky. You dodged a bullet!” Tinder dates. What can I say? What can I say. You think as a woman abiding […]

Day 31: Hookup Culture – The Single Woman’s Diary

Today’s Tinder-generation (and that’s a broad age spectrum, not just 20 year olds – includes those going to be 40 and 50 soon) are all swimming in a “hookup culture”. Plenty of fish in the sea, so no need to settle. It lacks depth and promotes “temporary”. Sufficing ones need when and where possible. I […]

Day 6: head of a fish – The Single Woman’s Diary

I just realised that I am currently casually-dating four men. There’s always a first time, and it’s the first time ever in my life that I am kind-of poly dating. I used to be this person who’d be seriously focused on dating one singular person, and even when the relationship wouldn’t be defined as exclusive […]

Day 34: Kintsugi, broken but beautiful – The Breakup

There’s one thing I realised lately, that my worthiness does not depend on validation from anyone but myself. Particularly those who take pleasure in seeing me in harm. I am worthy, loving, and an amazing person to those who know me. Of course I’ve been broken into pieces and there are pieces of me scattered […]