When you are not typical

How dare you be different? You clearly don’t speak our language. You clearly look brown. Yet you strut around the place like you own this town? Where does this entitlement come from? This lack of bowing down? Look at the rest, rubber necking with their nods that look like no when they say yes – […]

Day 146: #MaternalWall or Maternity Bias

Bias against mothers stems not only from assumptions about what mothers are like, but also from assumptions about how mothers should behave… leading to people deciding as “well wishers” if mothers are capable of handling a child and a responsibility. This is particularly problematic as many would indulge into this sort of gender bias without […]

Day 64: Hitler’s moustache – The Single Woman’s Diary

I have always noted as a coloured Swiss that discreet yet strategic discrimination against me came from Germans. Not Swiss, but Germans. I have always pointed out that it is a matter of self-proclaimed subconscious “rights”. To a white German man, Switzerland is “rightfully” his; even though a German in Switzerland will barely speak Swiss […]