Mommy Diaries: Familiarity and Illnesses

I always saw my parents stressing when I’d fall sick. That didn’t stop me from getting flu, getting into accidents, playing in vehicle impoundment yards, construction sites, electric generator rooms, and the list goes on. My question was: if the street urchins can, why can’t I? Why should their childhood be filled with dangerous liberty […]

Mommy Diaries: Big #cat mom!

Here’s the deal about having a bite, pinch and pull hair baby at home right now – you look like you are a cat mom when you go out!!! My 5 month old started to experiment and explore his environment a bit earlier than foreseen… “6-12 months, biting, pinching and hair-pulling also help babies work […]

Mommy Diaries : Poop

We all wonder when they start summoning their poop. By they I mean men. Let me tell you as a mother of a baby boy… it starts as early as when they are born! Atleast fifteen minutes every morning is spent in scrunch-faced focus. Right after his breakfast, just as soon as I put a […]

Tiny tale of a #TigerCub

“Did you call for rain?” A woman in a frilly white saree and opal jewellery asked, stepping closer to the tiger cub. Stitched named tag on her silver blouse read ‘Indre’. Pouting little tiger cub let out a high-pitched cry and chuffed, as he sat on the curb and nodded, carefully curled within limited shade […]

Mommy Diaries: Bialetti. Breastfeed.

I am half mind about changing from Nespresso to Bialetti again. Nespresso doesn’t satisfy me anymore. It’s good coffee but not for someone who enjoys the ritual of making coffee. And I need my caffeine after ten months of extremely clean diet! Past month, since my child’s birth, has been a rollercoaster ride of new […]

Day 1, The Nugget: The Pregnancy Diary

Affirmation to carry on from 2021 – “I should accept infinite disappointments but never lose infinite hope.” I did not get to know I am pregnant. I did not look at my test. I was sure I couldn’t conceive without IVF. That’s what the doctors said. 2020 December ended with the news that I can’t […]