Mommy Diaries: Video Games

I love playing video games. It started when my childhood friend HM introduced me to Contra. A run ‘n’ gun shooter video game that we played on a small white Samurai (Nintendo Entertainment System). Super Mario was my other favourite, alongside Legend of Zelda and Street Fighter. The hours I’ve spent infront of TV, after […]

Day 117: Sisyphean task

I have been travelling and living alone, away from my parents since I came of age. There were many Bengali men and women before I, they did the same, one of them being Gayatri Chakraborty-Spivak. I prefer thinking of us as the free spirited lot – in a never ending quest for knowledge and education. […]

Day 15: Pregnancy and ADHD

First of, I never took ADHD meds. I have lived with mine for so long that I have a system to my chaos. I can still achieve my goals, with meticulous planning and execution – but no meds – I have reached a satisfactory mediocre level of daily performance which could be outstanding if I […]

Got happily Barwitzki-ed: The Love Diary

“Debby, I haven’t seen you in ages. And I mean that kind of ADHD-Quantum-Realm-Multiverse-ages that can spend between “sad kid waiting in the car until mommy returns (she never does but is shot of screen)” and “Rise and fall of galaxies with weird special effects (with a less known piece of Mahler in the background)” […]

Day 63: Adriennnnnn – The Single Woman’s Diary

Dan-the-Man: Your family’s got those German villains in Hollywood movies jaw. Me: Yeaaahhhhhhhhh! Like, obviously? Dan-the-man: You got those brick jaws. You’re making Dolph Lundgren blush! Me: Yes. I do have that jaw, even that head, don’t I? Dan-the-man: Maybe that’s why the Germans feel intimidated by you and go on self preservation mode – […]

Day 11: pushmi–pullyu – The Breakup

The brother: So what do you do when you breakup with her… follow her with afsaneh.golshifteh? J *gives his brother a meaningful shut-the-f-up look* which I picked up on my peripheral vision. Me: What afsana… what’s the second word? Gold-something? What does it even mean? J: Nothing. Just a friend of ours. *kisses me a […]

Day 7: The BreakUp

It’s exactly a week. Hour to hour. That we broke up. I have been asking myself why my ex-BF puts so much emphasis on what this 45-year-old friend thinks? So I read through Spivak, Connell, Bourdieu, Balibar, Chaudhury… and I think I have an answer. You see, my strength is not physical. My strength is […]