When you are not typical

How dare you be different? You clearly don’t speak our language. You clearly look brown. Yet you strut around the place like you own this town? Where does this entitlement come from? This lack of bowing down? Look at the rest, rubber necking with their nods that look like no when they say yes – […]

Tiny tale of a #TigerCub

“Did you call for rain?” A woman in a frilly white saree and opal jewellery asked, stepping closer to the tiger cub. Stitched named tag on her silver blouse read ‘Indre’. Pouting little tiger cub let out a high-pitched cry and chuffed, as he sat on the curb and nodded, carefully curled within limited shade […]

Day 44: Eight Months Ago – The Single Woman’s Diary

January 7th 2021, saw birth of a collective poetry written by two complete strangers, on Twitter. It seems so far now that I could barely remember it when I accidentally came across the tweet while scrolling – I paused and marvelled at the epiphany. . Where do the lines blur Between want and need Between […]


First ray of sunshine tearing through clouds in the sky; golden morning reflects on young green leaves of ash tree outside. I sit on the balcony, sipping my coffee, melancholic and alone. Fresh breeze carrying smell of mowed green grass, nature is alive, vast, if you listen carefully you can hear it’s voice, and the […]

Day 2: The Single Woman’s Diary

How far I’ve come! I am standing, standing alone and strong. Refuse to be appeased by anything less than loving and meaningful; far from a second-guess! I feel your piercing gaze – your eyes on me. I keep wondering: What? What is it? . This single’s summertime, “fell asleep single, and today I woke up […]

Questions About Love – A #poem

(Guest Post by Sue Ghosh) Questions About Love – A #poem Happily ever after, Did that exist in real life? Pure precious love, Did he ever feel it? Loyalty till the end, Did that seem so impossible? Soul mates together, Did he know that they’d meet again?


Unfilled holes, pipes,  and plumbing lines, and a bunch of doors, openings, and windows that helps ballooning.  A Huntsman broke in. Into my kitchen today. My first instinct was  to call my grandmother. My grandmother’s agility  and speed – always my spider catcher,  cockroach scarer,  mosquito repellent,  ghost buster –  she’d kill for me. “Ammi” […]


She sits around weaving garlands of marigold. A Santhal girl, married young,  supporting her family,  selling marigold garlands.  “It isn’t sad” she reckons, “when quarantine started  I felt the day was so long.  But since semi-quarantine  I like it more and more  being indoors or here  just slowly weaving garlands,  garlands of marigold. And as […]