Mommy Diaries: Big #cat mom!

Here’s the deal about having a bite, pinch and pull hair baby at home right now – you look like you are a cat mom when you go out!!!

My 5 month old started to experiment and explore his environment a bit earlier than foreseen… “6-12 months, biting, pinching and hair-pulling also help babies work out cause and effect. It’s a way of getting to know their world”… he’s doing so since last month – and I look like a Hagrid (bless his soul) with his mysterious creatures! And at this moment, my child is being a Norbert. If he could cough flames he’d put my hair on fire like a baby Norwegian Ridgeback!

This weekend I was a bit (well… quite… not a bit) sick, and on Tuesday it doubled back again. My baby wouldn’t have it that mommy is sick and stays away – and his dad was so tired he slept through little-boy’s demands for a midnight snack! So while I woke up to feed him, he looked at me angrily and grabbed my hair. A few tore off. Now I have a bald spot!

Sigh! Whoever said don’t say “No” to babies didn’t go back to work till their kid was 13.

So as I go back to work today, having kissed a perfectly peaceful little boy who was asleep, I remember his claws. It’s a cross between a baby dragon and a cat – quite like a little tiger cub! So dear new mommies, soon you’ll lose hair, and look like scar face. Enjoy the ride. And don’t say “No”. (*roll eyes*)

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