Mommy Diaries: chocolate liqueurs!

Have to admit that I missed chocolate liqueurs so much that I kind of binged on half an assortment-box holding 10pieces. In case your math isn’t strong… I had 5pieces of chocolate liqueurs! Dunkle Schweizer Schokolade mit Likörfüllungen from Halba is just that quick cravings treat I like indulging in after a long day. And I had these after almost an entire year!

Yet, nothing compares to the toothless smiles from my son, his welcoming arms, crunched up eyes that say – I am trying to stay awake, I love your voice mama. That, touchwood, is every working mommy’s oxygen. We did make that decision to let our heart walk around outside our body… plus that’s the reason why I didn’t touch alcohol for 9months! Not even chocolate liqueurs! And tell you what? He’s worth every bit of it and so so much more.

And now that I can finally enjoy chocolate liqueurs – I am so happy with these tiny joys of life, moments I get to live fully.

P.s. if you enjoy my content, keep it fuelled, by buying me a coffee, I’ll remember you while having a much needed sip.

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