Mommy Diaries: Wishes and Dreams

Going back to work with foggy brain was hard, but I believe the hardest is to leave your 4month old at home. Point being – I would have preferred going back gently into the “wild” but circumstances make the difference. Just happy that I have Monday and Wednesday with my boy.

I jokingly said to Dan-the-man once: I have to sell a few bestsellers to facilitate my mommy-time with my baby boy.

(That said, you can find my books on Amazon, if you like physical books over ebooks, then follow these links here:

Book 1, The Girl Child: THE GIRL CHILD: Untold, Unheard Stories Of Many Women Going Through Similar Life Experiences In India: 9798841992165: Dubois, De.B., Naik, Varsha: Books ;

Book 2, Nandita: NANDITA: A Story Of Courage (THE GIRL CHILD): 9781521796993: Dubois, De.B.: Books ;

Poems, 20 Years Older: 20 Years Older: Rebel Girl Morphed Into Havoc Woman: 9798841986218: Dubois, De.B., Gupta, Boski: Books ;

Thought Manifesto, Otherness: OTHERNESS: SOULS OF BROWN WOMEN: 9781549827457: Dubois, De. B., Basu, Ahana: Books )

The idea of a best seller stood out amidst dreams and wishes, while I can always try to make my dreams come true, but I can’t usually actively pursue wishes. It’s more in the hands of others. That’s in fact the main difference between a dream and a wish. No denying that they both refer to our hopes and desires about something – of course achievements/accomplishments are not equal to desire/wants. But no one stops us from striving towards aligning our dreams and wishes together. The manifestation comes with hardwork and perhaps a tunnel vision.

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