Mommy Diaries: Back to Work

First day of work was just unexpected. Albeit I have to speak German all day (no French or English) but not for once did I feel discomfort in doing so – cause my colleagues never made me feel that way. ‘Cause it is true as the saying goes: c’est la toune qui fait la musique. How you speak to someone is what makes the difference! They won’t remember what you said but the way you did it, your tone, circumstance, body language, etc. makes the difference.

And as for me – a welcome bouquet of flowers, is always welcome to start a job with a sweet and thoughtful note.

So it started. My boy’s first official day at the Kita and my official day at work!

P.s. if you enjoy my content, keep it fuelled, by buying me a coffee, I’ll remember you while having a much needed sip.

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