Mommy Diaries: Gonten & Chüeh

It’s almost the end of September, so naturally when we are in Gonten (Appenzell) we get to see alpine descents, arriving in the valley around late afternoon. One of the plus to have a residence on the side of a road in a lovely village – the procession passes right in-front! First, the sound of cowbells and then usually yodelling – but there was no yodelling this time cause I was too late to run outside to see the procession. Alpabzug, Alpabfahrt or the Desalpe, is a part of rural agricultural tradition of Switzerland. I take immense pride in being a part of a family with agricultural background and even though they do not have an Alp to graze their cows, I am looking forward to the time my little one can dress up in traditional clothes and walk with one of the gentle-farmers of the village, up or down the Alp. Perhaps I have to ask with a pretty please and heaps of home cooked pies.

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