Mommy Diaries: Toothiest Evening (yet)!

Yesterday was tough. Little boy cried for 4 hours straight with an hour interval when we rushed him to the emergency (cause we had no idea what was bothering him). It seems he was cold and teething.

No one prepares you for parenting. You walk around with dishevelled hair, sweatshirt, joggers, birkenstock and baby carrier wrap – your husband/partner/boyfriend is the only one who somehow still feels attracted to you while your body image is in shatters, you are exhausted as you start work (and Uni) at the same time (so organising is your mother-of-all-task) and to add honey to the Gorgonzola (yumyum) your little boy is teething. Sigh! If I wouldn’t love Gorgonzola (and other blue cheeses) I wouldn’t be up for this either.

Parenting isn’t easy. Be it a man or a woman. So if anyone ever has any doubt that both the parents are equally wanting this (zero trickery and full motivation) – stop doubting. There are quite a large number of dads who went out buying cigarettes and never returned, and quite a few moms who took flight in the middle of the night with a “good bye, love you but this isn’t for me” note.

So when daddy came home and took his baby boy into his arms – all hell let loose as baby boy seemed to have péter un câble! We did the same routine: quick diaper-change, clean his nose, try feeding him, burp him, sway him, check for discomfort in clothing, nothing helped! And when we rushed him to emergency – he was all smiles with toothless laughter. Got him out of there and cry cry cry – till we finally figured to crank up the heater, and give him painkillers!

Parenting. No one prepares you for this. No one can force or trick you into this. It comes from within. Or you bail.

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