Mommy Diaries: One year ago.

It’s been an entire year since I stopped the count as a “single woman actively dating”. It’s our first ever anniversary together.

The past year was unexpected and exceptional. We got together as he moved all his belongings from his old apartment to his new one in Fribourg, as I was actively looking for the next job to start in December and wrapping up my semester, – we both finished a weekend of Zentralfest when we shared a hotel room, and we were planning our trip to Vienna where we got drunk and accidentally pregnant!

So many simultaneous situations and strings. No wonder first anniversary is known as paper anniversary and paper represents the traditional gift.

I can promise you that if a person is not seriously in love with you they will end everything by the 3rd month. And here we were dealing with layers of complicated emotions that rise with pregnancy and a new relationship under constant scrutiny. One thing was for sure that the strength and connectivity of your blossoming relationship grew stronger with every onslaught of gossip, rumours, unsolicited advices, snide comments – and on the bright side: unquestionable love and support from both our families and close friends.

So this morning as we cuddled and our baby boy looked at us with cute big brown eyes and a toothless smile, My Love fondly whispered: “we made that” and I replied “best thing we’ve made so far.” A sentiment every parent would share (hopefully). And that’s how I will remember this day to date: A question asked over hot chocolate, and a toothless smile from our offspring – us as a family forever.

A blank slate,

a nod to beginning

our new life together.

A clean canvas

to write out our own story,

the past one year

has woven us

tightly together.

P.s. if you enjoy my content, keep it fuelled, by buying me a coffee, I’ll remember you while having a much needed sip.

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