Mommy Diaries: #Totensalamander #ElizabethII

“Höre mich, tote Schwester, ich trinke dir das letzte Glas.”

There’s a trending post: “Imagine if the world showed this much care and empathy for the communities that Queen Elizabeth II and the monarchy colonised and ravaged.”

On CNBC news, an article talks of how Queen Elizabeth’s death revives criticism of Britain’s legacy of colonialism: “the relationship of the monarchy to systems of oppression, repression and forced extraction of labor, and particularly African labor, and exploitation of natural resources and forcing systems of control in these places”.

Ok. Agreed. Even though Elizabeth ruled as Britain navigated a post-colonial era, she by default, due to the Monarchy that she was born into – was labelled oppressor. Let’s simply forget about the number of colonised community that got independence during her “reign”. “Reign”, as the British monarch is a symbol and not an actual “ruler”. The fact that by default her authority was much blow for male-ego (even though she was not actively aiming for it) is not to be considered.

I find that a bit worrisome. Again we are facing women who would rather crucify another woman than reflect on the context.

You see, many will call me out as someone seeing things from a “privileged” point-of-view. I’m not the first generation of my family not born in a British colony. Vedic-Brahmins have a long lineage predating even the British monarchy. And Brahmins are equally demonised in India these days – and the West is happily catching up on it.

So when I see these arguments against respecting and sending condolences to a 96-year-old Monarch, who passed-away in Her sleep, and seeing a formidable woman who “ruled” for 70-years – a woman who navigated male ego (as being a Queen doesn’t auto-immune a female from male-superiority-complexes) – I find it petty, half-educated, prejudiced, arrogant, and not to mention ignorant. It is an aim to instrumentalise someone’s death with sensational comments to gain five minutes of fame.

It’s the same as when anti-Brahmins are actively demonising Brahmins without even knowing the various categories of Brahmanism. I can bet that mostly those who demonise Brahmins aren’t even aware of the class of Brahmins called Vedic-Brahmins (not Hindu-Brahmins, Vedic-Brahmins are mostly collectors of knowledge/teachers if you may) who allow unilinear kinship and hold women at par with men (based on brain power and not physical).

Yes, that’s why my boy gets my last name.

Reason for mentioning this is the fact that once something is demonised in our society, there’s very little space for objectivity. As human nature is to be prejudiced and judge based on that subjective point of view, we demonstrate a herd behaviour!

Anyway… my argument is this: Not everything is black and white.

What one must remember is this: no one separates the Queen from the Crown nor forgives the monarchy for its atrocities. Thus simply wishing condolences despite what one has endured shows us in a way greater light than the monarchy. Don’t you think?

P.s. if you enjoy my content, keep it fuelled, as I will think of you when you buy me a coffee.

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