#Poochie: Ode to my Dog

I see my dog turning old,

lose skin under her neck,

I see her sleeping more and more,

nodding off as she pretends to stay awake.

I sit there talking to someone,

a person who promises the world to me.

I take my book and open a page –

last poems I published about an apple tree.

Bending down beside my old faithful friend,

to give her a goodnight kiss –

I keep thinking how short life is

and how we tend to ruin it.

Alive with fear, running and running

away from fire, away from passion

to live for joy – reasoning and fighting

ego wars while missing everything.

From murmuring blood in our veins

to a little sad realisation,

if love flees me tonight –

I shall not chase.

For it was never mine.

Yet I know, deep in my heart –

I will place my loved ones faces

upon high mountains amidst stars and laces.

Just as I see my dog turning old,

lose skin under her neck.

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