Mommy Diaries : Teething and Trouble.

One of the worst things that one can go through as a new mommy is have your baby in your arm and he starts crying while looking up at you with full faith that you can help. But you are equally helpless, as you know not what to do to soothe their pain.

My baby is quite advanced for a three-month old. I jokingly say: “tián tián, tout ça parce que je n’ai pas arrêté de manger des sushis et des sashimis pendant ma grossesse!!” Well, he is in the upper normal spectrum of growth. He started to lock eyes, smile socially and say Mama and coo/gurgle Hello at two-n-half months already. And now he is just beginning to teeth. His gums are red and there’s already a tiny white bit coming out from the upper-left side. As much as I am over joyed that he is doing well (touchwood) I am also terrified cause I see his growth. For crying out loud, just in May he was still in my womb!

So today after our double physiotherapy (cause Mama needs to learn how to help her tiny human to stretch, roll, crawl, and stand better – and cause he favours his left side more than his right) we came home exhausted and he kept finicking. He refused his food a few times and then finally after I administered his oral suppository to help against dental pain, baby boy started yelling and crying.

Here’s the thing, when you hear a baby girl cry – it is shrill but equally loud and so I expected as much, as I am used to our neighbour’s daughter (a month older than my son) who cries quite often and that was my expectation. Also because my son is usually a finicky boy but a calm child, who doesn’t cry cause guess what? Shit goes down he has my fur-child Poochie trying to get my attention by barking for him. Those two are a team.

I have to admit, for the first time I heard little Tiger cry – it was this Sunday at the Zentralfest and then again today. The sheer volume!! When Tiger cries, his decibel levels get higher, the sound waves from his cry have greater intensity and then magnified – with an additional “Ma-ma” and looking right into my eyes like “help me, you know what to do” – and that was when I felt helpless. Cause I didn’t know what to do. I could only hold him close to my heart and let him cry out.

It tore my heart into shreds knowing he was in pain and this is a normal thing that he must go through.

It made me think, is this how it works with faith as well? When we go through trouble and we look skyward in prayer and cry our hearts out asking for help – is this how God feels as well? He knows that it is normal and we must go through it in order to grow – so he knows not how to help but comforts us till we calm-down and find our way again?

I wonder. Do we ever stop teething?

P.s. if you enjoy my content, keep it fuelled, as I will think of you when you buy me a coffee.

One thought on “Mommy Diaries : Teething and Trouble.

  1. Love it! I hope you and your family had an amazing time at the zentralfest
    And thanks for sharing a picture of your boys!!
    Hopefully your baby will get better soon. Have you tried “Beikost- & Fruchtsauger”? Can’t wait on a update


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